Adam Saint is a Disaster Recovery Agent. One of the best. He makes it his business to understand the political, cultural, economic climate of every locale, every country he is called into. He speaks several languages. He’s familiar with countless nationalities and their traditions, customs, societal norms, most of them contrary to his own. He knows the world and how it works. When disaster happens, he runs toward it, not away from it. He puts himself in danger in order to deliver others from it. If you’re in trouble, he will get you through it. If you’ve succumbed to danger, he holds the hands of the people left behind.

Because of his experience and expertise, Saint often finds himself assigned to the more dangerous or politically or culturally precarious situations. He regularly finds himself immersed in some of the most horrific events the world has to offer. At the drop of a hat he can be called to the other side of the world to deal with events most of us don’t even dare to dream about. CDRA agents have to be tough as nails. They need to develop nerves of steel with emotional detachment to match. They expect to be in uncomfortable situations or danger every day. And for this they are very well compensated. So when Adam Saint is off-case, he indulges in the luxuries of life. Because he knows, better than most, how fleeting the good life can be.

Car. High rise apartment filled with designer furniture. Expensive clothing, watches, shoes. Exotic travel. Fine foods and wine. Saint has it all. Except one thing. Love. His marriage is failing. His son doesn’t know him. He hasn’t been home to visit his family since his mother’s death several years ago.

Adam Saint loves his job. He loves being the best. He even loves his luxurious lifestyle. He’s a tough, adventurous guy who enjoys a life of working hard and playing hard. The personal relationship side of things isn’t going so well, but he lets it slide. Easy to do when life is hectic. But life doesn’t always turn out the way you think it will. And along for the bumpy ride are a few other Saints: Adam’s father who’s living with a big secret, kick-ass sister Alexandra, and misfit computer genius nephew Anatole.

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