From Sweetgrass Bridge


I see beginning

I see end

From Sweetgrass Bridge I see forever


A nation holds its breath.

On a perfect prairie summer evening, Saskatchewan Roughrider football star Dustin Walker goes missing. As the team’s first primary quarterback born in the province and first indigenous quarterback, Walker is beloved and celebrated from coast to coast. Mistrusting the police investigation, the family hires Merry Bell P.I. to find the green and white hero. From the dark waters below Sweetgrass Bridge to the lands of Little Turtle Lake First Nation, Merry seeks answers while dealing with her continuing transition, swelling loneliness, a floundering career, well-meaning crossdressing assistant and having to decide whether the people in her life are friend or foe.



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From Sweetgrass Bridge (2024)
ISBN 10: XXXXX (Paperback)
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