From Sweetgrass Bridge


I see beginning

I see end

From Sweetgrass Bridge I see forever


A nation holds its breath.

On a perfect prairie summer evening, Saskatchewan Roughrider football star Dustin Thomson goes missing. As the team’s first primary quarterback born in the province and first indigenous quarterback, Thomson is beloved and celebrated from coast to coast. Mistrusting the police investigation, the family hires Merry Bell P.I. to find the green and white hero. From the dark waters below Sweetgrass Bridge to the lands of Little Turtle Lake First Nation, Merry seeks answers while dealing with her continuing transition, swelling loneliness, a floundering career, well-meaning crossdressing assistant and having to decide whether the people in her life are friend or foe.

“I award five stars.” Whispering Stories

“I consider From Sweetgrass Bridge Anthony’s best examination of human vulnerability.” Mysteries & More

“…clear and creative insights into the melodrama of human experience.” Author S. Portico Bowman

The eagerly anticipated sequel to Livingsky doesn’t disappoint!” Author Mirjam Dikken

“…transformative facelift given to the cozy mystery genre…” Midwest Book Review

“…enhances the mystery component with the added value of Indigenous insights and culture…” D. Donovan, Donovan’s Literary Services

“Great writing with emotion. If you like mysteries, especially those based in Canada, you will enjoy reading this one.” Belladonna’s Books

“…a fresh narrative that effectively employs the familiar beats of classic detective fiction. A suspenseful and resonant story that will captivate dedicated mystery fans and newcomers alike..” Kirkus Reviews

“…unique, queer positive, and universally appealing—a must-read…” Independent Book Review

“With a tip ‘o the hat to Bobbie Gentry, Bidulka recasts those sinister doings on her Tallahatchie span into modern day murkiness in Livingsky. Bidulka deftly melds murder, humor, and the past’s festering wounds.” Lavender Magazine

“…I didn’t want to put down the book. ” Schatje’s Shelves

“…Bidulka’s appeal for all to recognize and respond to what we share in common is compelling. ” Reviewing the Evidence

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From Sweetgrass Bridge

From Sweetgrass Bridge (2024)
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