Livingsky by Anthony Bidulka

275 Pages

Publisher: Stonehouse Publishing

Release Date: June 1, 2023

Fiction (Adult), Mystery, Thriller, Crime Thriller, LGBTQIA+

Merry Bell is a private detective and has moved back home to Livingsky, Canada. This move is hard for her because she likes Vancouver. She has recently transitioned to a woman. The strain, financially and mentally, is more than she can handled at this time. She just cannot afford to live there anymore. Her former boss, Nathan Sharpe has given his approval for her to open an office with his business name’s credentials.

Merry is a mess. She has transitioned to a woman yet does not know anything about fashion, style, or makeup. She gets together with her office neighbor, Brenda, who teaches her what looks good on her. Brenda’s husband, Roger, has a true crime podcast. He becomes Merry’s intern while she investigates an apartment fire. The police and fire investigations have stalled, and the landlord swears he did not do it. Back in Vancouver, Nathan is given evidence that Merry is responsible for the murder of her doctor, he has no choice but to call the police and turn her in.

The book has a steady pace, developed characters, and it is written in the third person point of view. I believe a strong point of this book weighs on the characters. Each one has a unique personality that comes through in Mr. Bidulka’s writing. If you like mysteries with drama and quirky characters, you will enjoy this book.

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