Bookloons Reviewer: Barbara Lingens

Going to Beautiful is a complex but simply written story about how secrets kept too long can not only hurt but destroy lives. It is both a love story and a murder mystery, and its characters are as varied as Toronto and Saskatoon.

Jake Hardy arrives in Beautiful, near Saskatoon, on a hunch. He discovers his hunch is correct but in the process learns some very sad facts. Good thing he is accompanied by his 78-year-old transgender neighbor. The two of them manage to live through the cold, the hilarious peccadillos of the small town’s inhabitants and to make close friends out of these complete strangers.

Someone has called this novel Bidulka’s ‘love letter to life on the prairie,‘ but it is much more than that. This is a story rich not only in hope but in vibrant and under-represented characters who help us better understand our world and the people in it.

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