Adorable pets and the crime writers who love them
May 14, 2014
May is crime month, and after years of talking to Canada’s leading crime writers, we noticed a trend: They have pets. A lot of them have pets. And boy, do they love these pets. Crime writers’ pets are everywhere—in their stories, their bios, in the photos on the back jacket of their books. It got us wondering what it is about these (mostly) furry, (mostly) little creatures that inspires mystery and crime fiction.

We asked some of Canada’s leading crime writers to introduce us to the adorable critters that have inspired their writing life.

Anthony, Kona and Magic

“In the fifteen years I’ve been writing, I’ve had two sets of ‘real’ dogs and two sets of ‘fictional’ dogs (which appear in my two series). Obviously I like having them around. When I imagine the perfect reading experience for me or my readers, along with the book, it usually involves somewhere comfortable to sit, libations, a fireplace or sunshine warming the face, and dogs nearby. They just go together. My dogs, Kona and Magic, are half-sister labradoodles. Having them certainly helps me with writing believable dog characters, but their greatest value is as joyful companions away from the computer. When a scene is getting too heavy, or simply isn’t working out, or when some aspect of a story needs more thought, I gather the dogs and we head outside for a brisk walk or quick game of fetch. Perfect recipe for a clear head.”

Anthony Bidulka is the author of the Russell Quant Mystery series, including Dos Equis


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