From Sweetgrass Bridge
Anthony Bidulka
Stonehouse Publishing

Ethan Boatner – May 2024

One summer night, young Billie Jo and her new beau Robby McAllister, set a blanket out by the Sweetgrass Bridge anticipating canoodling and maybe more…when Robby, spooked by “noises”, packed and fled. About this time, beloved indigenous Saskatchewan Roughrider quarterback Dustin Thompson, disappeared, later discovered drowned beneath Sweetgrass Bridge. Struggling PI Merry Bell is hired by a family member to find out what happened. Suicide? Murder? Mysteries deepen, especially those in our prickly P.I.’s personal life, and her ongoing transition to Merry Bell. With a tip ‘o the hat to Bobbie Gentry, Bidulka recasts those sinister doings on her Tallahatchie span into modern day murkiness in Livingsky. Bidulka deftly melds murder, humor, and the past’s festering wounds. It’s never past, you know. Bring on #3!