Q & A (based on the Russell Quant mystery novels)

one hour procedural series

in development

Based on Anthony Bidulka’s international best-selling series of mystery novels, Q&A is a buoyant, freewheeling buddy drama about two former partners, who must band together once again in order to solve a wild array of crimes in the modern wild west of Saskatoon.

One’s a P.I. and the other’s a cop. One’s gay and perennially single, while one’s a divorced dad. One’s got brains, guile and chops. The other’s a simpler guy who brings brawn, intimidation and charisma. They don’t have a ton in common today, but were once loyal partners, drawn together by a keen drive to see justice done in their beloved and rapidly changing city. But then a controversial case fractured their alliance, caused Quant to quit the force, and drove him to go into business alone. Now a tough case reunites the former friends and before they know it, they’re begrudgingly back in business navigating Saskatoon’s more tricky (and demented) crimes — while also navigating their own twisted friendship.

Bryce co-created this adaptation with CSA-nominated writer and showrunner Michael MacLennan. It is currently in development with producers First Generation Films and January Films.

Q&A is based on the Russell Quant mystery novels of bestseller Anthony Bidulka

 NOTE: Unfortuanately this project did not come to fruition, but would have been so fun to see had it worked out. Oh well, next time.