The Wax Seal

One of my earliest writing attempts was a book called Beneath the Seal of Wax. So it is with fond memories of that long ago time that, with the breaking of this seal of red wax, it becomes official: my twelfth (gosh, how did that happen?) novel, Going to Beautiful, will be published by Stonehouse Publishing next year, May 2022.

Knowing that for any author the receipt of a final contract is a momentous occasion, be it your first book or twelfth, Stonehouse adds a special touch to the process – sending by snail mail a hard copy of the signed contract under the seal of wax. Breaking the seal is a wonderful bit of whimsy which I very much appreciated.

One of the consistent things I tell aspiring authors as they move along the sometimes long and arduous path of being a writer is to NEVER FORGET TO CELEBRATE! No matter how small or massive the milestone, CELEBRATE IT.

And so, thanks to hubby Herb for the bubbly and flowers from Blossoms Living we did just that!

As excited as I am about this book, May 2022 seems so far off. But given the state of the world and restrictions on gatherings and launch events and signings and book club meetings and celebrating with readers, it’s the best thing. I have full confidence that by May 2022 the pandemic will be in our rear view mirrors.

In the meantime, let the sweet anticipation begin. Over the next months as we progress to publication date, I’ll be updating you on how we get from here to there and details about the book itself. It’s amazing the number of deadlines I’ve already scheduled for things like the author jacket photo and cover concepts. If you want to be part of my “Beautiful Bunch” who’ll get first notice of these updates, all you have to do is click the “Beautiful Bunch” link below to send me an email:

Beautiful Bunch